1901 Census

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Look at the census index below to find the person whose entry you wish to check and note the reference number in the far right hand column.

Then click on the pdf link below to view the full census details for that reference number.

1901 Census (143 downloads)

Please note the ‘YoB’ column shows the approximate year of birth derived from the age shown.

Surname & Christian NamesSexAgeYoBWhere BornRef
ABBOTT, EM29 1872Upton Park Essex356
ABBOTT, MF29 1872Dorchester Dorset357
BACKHOUSE, ClaraF31 1870Yorks379
BAGG, C EM62 1839South Down Dorset123
BAGG, EllenF17 1884West Lulworth Dorset126
BAGG, LilleyF29 1872Weymouth Dorset124
BAGG, MaryF17 1884West Lulworth Dorset125
BAGSHAW, MinnieF28 1873Didsbury Lancs78
BEARD, HelenF19 1882Cromhall Glos.33
BEARD, PeterM29 1872Wickwar Glos.32
BEAZLEY, Frederick WM36 1865Portsmouth Hants154
BEAZLEY, SusanF39 1862Cold Harbour Surrey155
BERGHOLZ, VioletF1897Newara Eliga Ceylon333
BILES, MinnieF22 1879Warmwell dorset99
BLAKE, EdwardM1899W Lulworth Dorset191
BOYD, AnnieF43 1858Scotland56
BOYD, JohnM41 1860Bradford Yorks55
BROWN, GeorgeM18 1883Kings Cross London385
BUDDEN, Alice IreneF1901W Lulworth Dorset377
BUDDEN, Alice MF38 1863Poole Dorset372
BUDDEN, Annie EF40 1861Bury Hants98
BUDDEN, Annie V FF30 1871Wool Dorset122
BUDDEN, CharlesM41 1860Christchurch Hants371
BUDDEN, Charles EM1894W Lulworth Dorset374
BUDDEN, Francis WM35 1866Morden Dorset97
BUDDEN, George AllanM1893W Lulworth Dorset373
BUDDEN, Henry FrancisM1899W Lulworth Dorset376
BUDDEN, Hettie E MF33 1868East Lulworth Dorset121
BUDDEN, John OakleyM1897W Lulworth Dorset375
BURBIDGE, JohnM72 1829Beaminster Dorset429
BURT, JohnM80 1821Winfrith Dorset298
BURT, MaryF47 1854Stone House Devon297
BURT, WilliamM45 1856Moreton Dorset296
CAINES, MercyF32 1869Pendomer Somerset362
CAINES, WalterM22 1879Brilstone Dorset361
CARTER, Henry JM32 1869Kinson Dorset199
CARTER, Mary JF36 1865W Lulworth Dorset200
CHAFFEY, ElizabethF77 1824Tyneham Dorset83
CHAFFEY, EmilyF43 1858Askerswell Dorset146
CHAFFEY, EmilyF40 1861Wareham Dorset52
CHAFFEY, FrederickM15 1886W Lulworth Dorset148
CHAFFEY, HenryM42 1859W Lulworth Dorset51
CHAFFEY, HerbertM1894W Lulworth Dorset53
CHAFFEY, JohnM50 1851W Lulworth Dorset145
CHAFFEY, LillianF10 1891W Lulworth Dorset150
CHAFFEY, LouisaF13 1888W Lulworth Dorset149
CHAFFEY, SidneyM1895W Lulworth Dorset54
CHAFFEY, WalterM17 1884W Lulworth Dorset147
CHAFFEY, WilliamM1896W Lulworth Dorset151
CHARLES, AlbertM12 1889W Lulworth Dorset276
CHARLES, AlfredM29 1872W Lulworth Dorset49
CHARLES, AlfredM13 1888W Lulworth Dorset275
CHARLES, EdwardM18 1883W Lulworth Dorset237
CHARLES, ElizaF42 1859W Lulworth Dorset236
CHARLES, ElizabethF30 1871Stockton on Tees Durham50
CHARLES, EllenF18 1883E Chaldon Dorset274
CHARLES, FrankM1898W Lulworth Dorset240
CHARLES, FrederickM1895W Lulworth Dorset277
CHARLES, GeorgeM20 1881E Chaldon Dorset273
CHARLES, JohnM50 1851W Lulworth Dorset269
CHARLES, LouisaF23 1878W Lulworth Dorset272
CHARLES, MabelF1893W Lulworth Dorset239
CHARLES, RichardM43 1858W Lulworth Dorset235
CHARLES, SarahF50 1851Corscombe Somerset270
CHARLES, ThomasM24 1877W Lulworth Dorset271
CHARLES, WilliamM48 1853W Lulworth Dorset207
CHARLES, WilliamM15 1886W Lulworth Dorset238
CLARKE, HenriettaF1893W Lulworth Dorset222
CLARKE, LauraF43 1858W Lulworth Dorset221
CLARKE, RobertM72 1829Dorset220
CLEAL, MaryF73 1828Bridport Dorset404
CLEAL, WilliamM39 1862Watercombe Dorset403
CLEALL, JohnM42 1859Symonsbury Dorset135
CLEALL, Lenar AlbinaF47 1854W Lulworth Dorset136
COGGAN, Georgina AF28 1873Hatch Somerset328
COGGAN, Letitia WF35 1866Hatch Somerset327
CONDY, Amy FF12 1889Launceston Cornwall252
CONDY, Mary EF38 1863W Lulworth Dorset248
CONDY, Winifred MF16 1885Misterton Somerset251
CRABBE, JohnM60 1841Longbury Dorset367
CRABBE, SarahF59 1842Bustock Dorset368
CULLEN, ElizabethF41 1860Blackburn Lancs143
CULLEN, Mary EdithF47 1854Blackburn Lancs142
CURTIS, FrankM22 1879Church Knowle Dorset326
DIFFEY, Sarah AnnF28 1873Bincombe Darrett Dorset212
DOREY, Edith JF19 1882West Lulworth Dorset203
DOREY, James GM51 1850W Lulworth Dorset201
DOREY, James WM22 1879W Lulworth Dorset171
DOREY, JosephM56 1845W Lulworth Dorset109
DOREY, Joseph HM24 1877W Lulworth Dorset170
DOREY, LouisaF63 1838W Lulworth Dorset111
DOREY, Lydia J AF20 1881W Lulworth Dorset110
DOREY, MaryF81 1820W Lulworth Dorset265
DOREY, Mary CF52 1849Wareham Dorset202
DOREY, Mary TeresaF29 1872W Lulworth Dorset169
DOREY, Minnie BF22 1879Fossel Dorset336
DOREY, RachelF72 1829W Lulworth Dorset278
DOREY, SarahF81 1820W Lulworth Dorset286
DOREY, Walter HM14 1887West Lulworth Dorset204
DOREY, WilliamM63 1838W Lulworth Dorset168
ECKETT, EmmaF45 1856Wootton St Lawrence Hants343
ECKETT, Sarah AnnF55 1846Wootton St Lawrence Hants344
ELLIS, EdwardM10 1891Hertford Devon369
FITZ ROY, Charles EM35 1866Aldershot Hants133
FOOKS, John TM49 1852Osmington Dorset354
FOOKS, MarthaF40 1861Preston Dorset355
GERRARD, MaryF70 1831Burton Bradstock Dorset24
GERRARD, WilliamM30 1871Burton Bradstock Dorset23
HAIME, AlfredM14 1887West Lulworth Dorset353
HAIME, CharlesM16 1885West Lulworth Dorset352
HAIME, EdwinM25 1876West Lulworth Dorset350
HAIME, ElizabethF57 1844Owermoigne Dorset349
HAIME, ThomasM19 1882West Lulworth Dorset351
HAIME, WilliamM54 1847W Lulworth Dorset348
HALLETT, John HM49 1852Templeman's Ash Dorset382
HALLETT, JulettaF47 1854W Lulworth Dorset383
HALLETT, Minnie LF22 1879W Lulworth Dorset384
HANSFORD, HarryM11 1890W Stafford Dorset195
HARDY, ElizaF31 1870Winfrith Dorset312
HARDY, FrederickM31 1870Bere Regis Dorset311
HARDY, GeorgeM10 1891Wool Dorset313
HARDY, LeonardM1896Wool Dorset314
HARDY, SidneyM1900W Lulworth Dorset315
HARVELL, AliceF10 1891Wimborne Dorset245
HARVELL, AnnF66 1835Winfrith Dorset242
HARVELL, B ElizabethF37 1864W Lulworth Dorset282
HARVELL, ElizabethF73 1828W Lulworth Dorset281
HARVELL, FrancesF32 1869W Lulworth Dorset244
HARVELL, FredM32 1869W Lulworth Dorset284
HARVELL, FredericM34 1867W Lulworth Dorset243
HARVELL, George DM55 1846W Lulworth Dorset310
HARVELL, JohnM30 1871W Lulworth Dorset285
HARVELL, PeterM35 1866W Lulworth Dorset283
HARVELL, RuthF54 1847Stamford Lincolnshire346
HARVELL, ThomasM71 1830W Lulworth Dorset241
HAWKINS, HarryM49 1852Winterborne Kingstone Dorset319
HAWKINS, HarryM15 1886Winterborne Whitechurch Dorset322
HAWKINS, JamesM21 1880Winterborne Whitechurch Dorset321
HAWKINS, John HM53 1848Corscombe Dorset175
HAWKINS, SarahF53 1848Lovington Wilts320
HAWKINS, SarahF20 1881Whitechurch Dorset58
HAWKINS, ThomasM13 1888Winterborne Whitechurch Dorset323
HAWKINS, Thomas CM10 1891West Lulworth Dorset178
HAYTER, AnnF69 1832Church Knowle Dorset48
HAYTER, SamuelM67 1834Wareham Dorset47
HERPER?, ArthurM20 1881Germany (German Sub) 60
HOOKEY, MaryF56 1845Morton Dorset425
HOWARD, CharlesM29 1872Sutton Pointzs Dorset399
HOWARD, CharlesM2m1901Belhuish Dorset402
HOWARD, GeorgeM1898Winfrith Dorset401
HOWARD, KateF24 1877Winfrith Dorset400
JAMES, RobertM22 1879Bere Regis Dorset316
KENDALL, Isabell AjF57 1844Chittagong  E. India100
KINDEN, Edward HM13 1888E Knighton Dorset188
KINDEN, GeorgeM39 1862Broadmayne Dorset185
KINDEN, JaneF35 1866W Lulworth Dorset186
KINDEN, Leonard GM1892Dorchester Dorset189
KINDEN, Rose E J MF4m1900W Lulworth Dorset190
KINDEN, WilliamM14 1887W Lulworth Dorset187
LANGRISH, ElizabethF76 1825E Chaldon Dorset287
LANGRISH, JosephM72 1829W Lulworth Dorset79
LANGRISH, KeziaF68 1833Tyneham Dorset80
LANGRISH, KeziahF51 1850W Lulworth Dorset288
LANGRISH, MarthaF52 1849W Lulworth Dorset209
LANGRISH, MatthewM54 1847Bognor Sussex208
LANGRISH, SarahF30 1871Hove sussex82
LANGRISH, WilliamM38 1863Chale I. Of Wight81
LUCAS, Esther MF27 1874E Lulworth Dorset420
LUCAS, Leonard WM1899Coombe Keynes Dorset422
LUCAS, Louisa MF1897Coombe Keynes Dorset421
LUCAS, WilliamM27 1874E Burton Dorset419
MacAVOY, ClaraF25 1876Peterborough Northants131
MAJOR, JohnM19 1882Winterbourne Abbas Dorset174
MAJOR, SarahF58 1843Uphartley? Devon173
MAJOR, WilliamM48 1853Buckland Newton Dorset172
MANNING, William HM25 1876S Molton Devon324
MATCHAM, LouisaF25 1876Godmanstone Dorset153
MATCHAM, TomM26 1875Stalbridge Dorset152
MAY, KatieF32 1869Essex329
MEADEN, CharlesM68 1833W Lulworth Dorset161
MEADEN, JaneF70 1831Puddletown Dorset337
MEADEN, John WM1900W Lulworth Dorset165
MEADEN, LeonardM37 1864W Lulworth Dorset338
MEADEN, Louisa JaneF33 1868Blackgang I. Of Wight163
MEADEN, Mabel KateF1899W Lulworth Dorset164
MEADEN, William TM34 1867W Lulworth Dorset162
MIDDLETON, Louisa MF40 1861Calcutta India264
MILLER, Agnes MaudF10 1891W Lulworth Dorset75
MILLER, Albert FrancisM19 1882W Lulworth Dorset73
MILLER, AmeliaF32 1869W Lulworth Dorset138
MILLER, Ann ElizabethF38 1863W Lulworth Dorset2
MILLER, BeatriceF1897W Lulworth Dorset140
MILLER, CharlesM13 1888W Lulworth Dorset115
MILLER, EdwinM44 1857W Lulworth Dorset112
MILLER, EleanorF16 1885Morden Dorset114
MILLER, ElizabethF22 1879W Lulworth Dorset86
MILLER, Ellen MabelF12 1889W Lulworth Dorset74
MILLER, Emma MF12 1889Hazelbury Bryan Dorset334
MILLER, FlorenceF1892W Lulworth Dorset116
MILLER, FrankM33 1868Venne Dorset437
MILLER, FrederickM51 1850W Lulworth Dorset71
MILLER, HarrietF52 1849W Lulworth Dorset72
MILLER, HarryM12 1889W Lulworth Dorset4
MILLER, JaneF40 1861Tyneham Dorset113
MILLER, Jane MaryF47 1854W Lulworth Dorset68
MILLER, JohnM38 1863W Lulworth Dorset137
MILLER, JosephM77 1824Tyneham Dorset134
MILLER, JosephM1901W Lulworth Dorset3
MILLER, MaryF34 1867Leigh Dorset438
MILLER, Mary MF23 1878Semley Wilts268
MILLER, MichaelM49 1852W Lulworth Dorset67
MILLER, NathanielM35 1866W Lulworth Dorset1
MILLER, RobertM4m1900W Lulworth Dorset141
MILLER, WalterM10 1891Owermoigne Dorset5
MILLER, WilliamM1894W Lulworth Dorset139
MITCHELL, EmilyF26 1875W Lulworth Dorset218
MITCHELL, MaryF64 1837W Lulworth Dorset217
MITCHELL, RobertM63 1838S Perrott Dorset216
MUSSELLWHITE, SarahF55 1846Salisbury Wilts359
MUSSELLWHITE, ThomasM46 1855Radlynch Wilts358
NEWBERY, Anna MF60 1841W Lulworth Dorset117
NEWBERY, EdwardM30 1871W Lulworth Dorset119
NEWBERY, ElizabethF35 1866W Lulworth Dorset118
NEWBERY, WilliamM25 1876W Lulworth Dorset120
NORTHOVER, BirdieF17 1884Burton Bradstock Dorset25
OAKLEY, Edwin CM36 1865Poole Dorset378
OLD, HarryM30 1871W Lulworth Dorset391
ORCHARD, JamesM26 1875Corfe Castle Dorset215
OVERY, AliceF1899Tresco Scilly Isles31
OVERY, Beatrice EdithF12 1889Totnes Devon28
OVERY, Charles AlbertM1892St. Agnes Scilly Isles30
OVERY, Mary PellowF32 1869Penzance Cornwall27
OVERY, Morris AlfredM39 1862Sandwich Kent26
OVERY, Morris EdmundM11 1890Totnes Devon29
PAIN, John BM64 1837W Lulworth Dorset192
PARKE, Alice AnneF1900W Lulworth Dorset37
PARKE, Barbara DF28 1873Newcastle on Tyne Nrthmbrlnd331
PARKE, Cecil HamiltonM26 1875S Kensington London330
PARKE, Cecil W AM11m1901Wool Dorset332
PARKE, EdwardM30 1871W Cowes I. Of Wight34
PARKE, Edward JamesM1899W Cowes36
PARKE, Ellen AnneF25 1876W Cowes35
PAY, MargretF25 1876Wimbledon Surrey59
PENBURY, RachelF41 1860Islington Dorset213
PICKFORD, Elizabeth MF26 1875Chilthorne Somerset335
POMEROY, AnnieF14 1887Stinsford?132
RALLS, AliceF1897W Lulworth Dorset389
RALLS, ElizabethF29 1872Salisbury Wilts387
RALLS, EvaF1900W Lulworth Dorset390
RALLS, HenryM49 1852W Lulworth Dorset219
RALLS, JosephM1895W Lulworth Dorset388
RALLS, Mary JaneF63 1838W Lulworth Dorset267
RALLS, WilliamM73 1828W Lulworth Dorset266
RALLS, WilliamM39 1862W Lulworth Dorset386
RANDALL, Amelia SF47 1854Melcombe Regis Dorset94
RANDALL, Edward JM45 1856W Lulworth Dorset93
RANDALL, Sophia AF19 1882West Lulworth Dorset95
REEKS, EstherF46 1855Wimborne Dorset14
REEKS, FredM14 1887W Lulworth Dorset15
REEKS, GeorgeM48 1853Christchurch Hants13
REEKS, MabelF1895Portland Dorset16
ROBERTS, Marjory RoffeyF10 1891Birkenhead Cheshire157
ROBERTS, Sarah AnnF36 1865Cold Harbour Surrey156
ROLLS, Annie EF17 1884W Lulworth Dorset77
ROWSELL, FlorenceF19 1882Ireland 44
ROWSELL, JohnM48 1853W Chinnock Somerset42
ROWSELL, MaryF49 1852Dulverton Somerset43
ROWSELL, MaudF11 1890Looe Cornwall46
ROWSELL, WilliamM15 1886Ireland 45
RUMSEY, Dorothy JoyF1892Dorchester Dorset130
RUMSEY, Louis JohnM1894Dorchester Dorset129
RUMSEY, Louis R JM38 1863Dorchester Dorset127
RUMSEY, Louisa SF34 1867Middlesex128
RUNYARD, HenryM62 1839Wool Dorset205
RUNYARD, HenryM23 1878Bryantspuddle Dorset206
RUNYARD, ReginaldM10 1891W Lulworth Dorset257
SAMWAYS, AnneF15 1886Hinton Hants96
SAMWAYS, CharlesM26 1875W Lulworth Dorset341
SAMWAYS, ElizabethF19 1882W Lulworth Dorset87
SAMWAYS, GeorgeM63 1838W Lulworth Dorset339
SAMWAYS, GertrudeF24 1877W Lulworth Dorset342
SAMWAYS, MaryF59 1842W Lulworth Dorset340
SARGENT, Mary EF20 1881Wool Dorset381
SCHOFIELD, Ada ElvinaF26 1875Colchester Essex158
SCHUSTER, Maria TF51 1850Ellingham Norfolk211
SCHUSTER, William PM51 1850Manchester Lancs210
SCUTT, Martha SF13 1888Coombe Keynes Dorset423
SHARP, CharlesM60 1841S Perrott426
SHARP, EdwardM1892Wareham Dorset428
SHARP, JaneF60 1841Tyneham Dorset427
SHUTLER, Adela MF10 1891Crewkerne Somerset305
SHUTLER, Emma WF36 1865West Hatch Somerset303
SHUTLER, Gladys EF1893Crewkerne Somerset306
SHUTLER, Leslie HM1895Crewkerne Somerset307
SHUTLER, R CuthbertM12 1889Crewkerne Somerset304
SHUTLER, RichardM36 1865Broadwindsor Dorset302
SHUTLER, Ronald E CM1896Crewkerne Somerset308
SINNICK, Bessie T JF1898Owermoigne Dorset184
SINNICK, EdwardM1900W Lulworth Dorset255
SINNICK, Ellen FF15 1886W Lulworth Dorset214
SINNICK, EmmaF37 1864[Bere Regis] Dorset180
SINNICK, Flora GF1896W Lulworth Dorset183
SINNICK, FrancisF73 1828W Lulworth Dorset279
SINNICK, GeorgeM31 1870W Lulworth Dorset253
SINNICK, John WM41 1860West Lulworth Dorset179
SINNICK, MargueriteF1901W Lulworth Dorset256
SINNICK, Mary EF11 1890W Lulworth Dorset181
SINNICK, PhoebeF33 1868Portsmth Hants254
SINNICK, Robert GM10 1891W Lulworth Dorset182
SINNICK, William JM39 1862W Lulworth Dorset280
SKINNER, JohnM15 1886Wareham Dorset57
SLADE, FrancesF39 1862W Stafford Dorset194
SLADE, JaneF1895W Stafford Dorset196
SLADE, JohnM34 1867Dewlish Dorset193
SLADE, OdedM1897Charminster Dorset197
SLADE, WilliamM1899Charminster Dorset198
SNELLING, CarolineF53 1848W Lulworth Dorset231
SNELLING, EdwardM16 1885Harlam Essex232
SNELLING, HarryM14 1887Harlam Essex233
SNELLING, RobertM12 1889W Lulworth Dorset234
STEVENS, RebeccaF40 1861Wool Dorset398
STEVENS, WilliamM68 1833Wool Dorset397
STOCKLEY, FrederickM21 1880Wareham Dorset325
STURMEY, Albert JM1892W Lulworth Dorset225
STURMEY, AliceF1893E Lulworth Dorset436
STURMEY, Edward JM2m1901W Lulworth Dorset226
STURMEY, GeorgeM29 1872Burton Dorset432
STURMEY, HarryM25 1876E Lulworth Dorset433
STURMEY, JamesM35 1866W Lulworth Dorset223
STURMEY, LucyF11 1890E Lulworth Dorset435
STURMEY, MaryF48 1853Pullham Dorset431
STURMEY, Mary AF36 1865W Lulworth Dorset224
STURMEY, ThomasM57 1844Studland Dorset430
STURMEY, WilliamM12 1889W Lulworth Dorset434
STYLES, Amy LouiseF13 1888Swanage Dorset19
STYLES, Dorothy GertrudeF1897Lyme Regis Dorset22
STYLES, Emily VioletF1892Hill Bottom Dorset21
STYLES, Freda May PriscillaF11 1890Hill Bottom Dorset20
STYLES, PriscillaF42 1859Pimlico London18
STYLES, Thomas ThornM42 1859Wareham Dorset17
SWEENEY, David JamesM1893Ireland40
SWEENEY, Donald DigbyM4m1900Portsmouth Hants41
SWEENEY, JamesM33 1868Ireland38
SWEENEY, MinnieF32 1869Ireland39
SYMES, EvaF1894Dorchester Dorset418
SYMES, HarryM14 1887Dorchester Dorset417
SYMES, IsaacM38 1863Dorchester Dorset415
SYMES, SarahF39 1862W Lulworth Dorset416
TAPPER, FlorenceF16 1885East Lulworth Dorset102
TAYLOR, MaryF18 1883Mosterton Dorset309
THOMPSON, Eliza MF41 1860W Lulworth Dorset247
THOMPSON, GeorgeM75 1826E Lulworth Dorset246
THOMPSON, George HM24 1877W Lulworth Dorset250
THOMPSON, HenryM31 1870W Lulworth Dorset249
TODD, MargaretF22 1879Chaldon Herring Dorset101
TRAVESS, Huswell CM24 1877Newbarn? Dorset360
TRAVISS, ThomasM59 1842W Lulworth Dorset318
TREVETT, AliceF14 1887Puddletown Dorset394
TREVETT, LaurieF1893Puddletown Dorset396
TREVETT, LillieF12 1889Puddletown Dorset395
TREVETT, PrudenceF42 1859Maiden Newton Dorset393
TREVETT, WalterM42 1859Charminster Dorset392
TUCKER, WilliamM47 1854S Perrott Dorset424
VALLENCE, Elizabeth AF39 1862W Lulworth Dorset167
VALLENCE, JohnM51 1850W Lulworth Dorset166
VYE, ClaraF35 1866Torre Torquay Devon90
VYE, EleanorF1893W Lulworth Dorset91
VYE, HenryM46 1855W Lulworth Dorset89
WARD, MaryF40 1861Enford Wilts160
WARREN, Ethel M EF20 1881Wool Dorset380
WASSELL, SarahF43 1858Fareham Hants76
WATTS, Edith JF28 1873Coombe Keynes Dorset176
WATTS, Henry FM21 1880West Comberton? Dorset177
WELD, JohnM36 1865Lymington Hants84
WELD, MarieF31 1870Oakhill Lancs85
WHITTLE, AnnieF12 1889Winfrith Dorset408
WHITTLE, ArchaliusM39 1862Winfrith Dorset405
WHITTLE, ArthurM4m1901Bellhuish Dorset414
WHITTLE, BertieM12 1889W Lulworth Dorset292
WHITTLE, BertieM1893Winfrith Dorset410
WHITTLE, CharlesM1894W Lulworth Dorset411
WHITTLE, DorothyF1899W Lulworth Dorset293
WHITTLE, EliceF1897Coombe Keynes Dorset412
WHITTLE, GeorgeM53 1848Cerne Abbas Dorset289
WHITTLE, JaneF37 1864Osmington Dorset406
WHITTLE, MaryF47 1854Dorchester Dorset290
WHITTLE, SidneyM10 1891Winfrith Dorset409
WHITTLE, WalterM14 1887Winfrith Dorset407
WHITTLE, WilliamM15 1886E Lulworth Dorset291
WHITTLE, WilliamM1899Bellhuish Dorset413
WILKINSON, EdwardM58 1843N Walsham Norfolk61
WILLIAMS, AmyF38 1863Paddington London260
WILLIAMS, AnnF72 1829Winfrith Newburgh Dorset228
WILLIAMS, ArthurM40 1861W Lulworth Dorset62
WILLIAMS, ConstanceF11 1890W Lulworth Dorset10
WILLIAMS, Dorothy EF1896W Lulworth Dorset65
WILLIAMS, ElizaF48 1853Tooting Surrey105
WILLIAMS, EllenF35 1866W Lulworth Dorset229
WILLIAMS, EthelF12 1889W Lulworth Dorset262
WILLIAMS, FloraF30 1871W Lulworth Dorset230
WILLIAMS, FrancisM1897W Lulworth Dorset12
WILLIAMS, FredaF1894W Lulworth Dorset64
WILLIAMS, FrederickM36 1865W Lulworth Dorset106
WILLIAMS, HenryM15 1886W Lulworth Dorset261
WILLIAMS, Henry WM39 1862W Lulworth Dorset104
WILLIAMS, JamesM42 1859W Lulworth Dorset8
WILLIAMS, Lilla AnnieF29 1872Bridgewater Somerset107
WILLIAMS, MadeleineF1894W Lulworth Dorset11
WILLIAMS, MaryF39 1862W Lulworth Dorset9
WILLIAMS, Mary Hilda U?F1899W Lulworth Dorset66
WILLIAMS, PricillaF44 1857Collingbourne Kingston Wilts63
WILLIAMS, RobertM42 1859W Lulworth Dorset259
WILLIAMS, RobertM10 1891W Lulworth Dorset263
WILLIAMS, Sidney FM1900W Lulworth Dorset108
WILLIAMS, WilliamM70 1831W Lulworth Dorset227
WILTON, Mary CF61 1840Salisbury Wilts345
WITTLE, MinnieF15 1886Winfrith Dorset258
WOODSFORD, FredM22 1879Charminster Dorset317
WORRAL, Georgina MarianF24 1877Ireland159
YEATES, Catherine AF43 1858Powerstock Dorset363
YEATES, LeilaF15 1886Gt Toller Dorset365
YEATES, MildredF12 1889Woodsford Dorset366
YEATES, ThomasM19 1882Gt Toller Dorset364
YEATMAN, AlbertM14 1887Milton Abbas Dorset301
YEATMAN, CharlotteF57 1844Glanver Wooten Dorset300
YEATMAN, GeorgeM60 1841Hazelbury Bryan Dorset299

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