1851 Census

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Look at the census index below to find the person whose entry you wish to check and note the reference number in the far right hand column.

Then click on the pdf link below to view the full census details for that reference number.

Please note the ‘YoB’ column shows the approximate year of birth derived from the age shown.

1851 Census (139 downloads)
Surname & NameAgeYoBWhere bornCountyRef
BAINE, Ann63 1788West LulworthDorset229
BAKER, Eleanor56 1795East LulworthDorset381
BAKER, Ellen14 1837West LulworthDorset378
BAKER, James24 1827East LulworthDorset376
BAKER, John54 1797East LulworthDorset375
BAKER, Mary16 1835East LulworthDorset359
BAKER, Richerd19 1832East LulworthDorset377
BAKER, Sarah12 1839West LulworthDorset379
BARNES, Ann31 1820Bare RegesDorset13
BARNES, Elizabeth R A1849West LulworthDorset14
BARNES, Samuel Smith38 1813West LulworthDorset12
BARNES, William70 1781West LulworthDorset43
BARNES, William Collins45 1806West LulworthDorset96
BEATON, Ann52 1799Woodsford CastleDorset311
BEATON, Jane49 1802Woodsford CastleDorset313
BEATON, Maria44 1807Woodsford CastleDorset314
BEATON, Rebeca60 1791StokeSomersetshire 310
BEATON, Richard58 1793Stoke Under HeamSomersetshire 312
BEST, Charles23 1828Ower MoignDorset84
BOND, Anna Maria62 1789BeareDevon 142
BOWER, Charles Thomas1846West LulworthDorset373
BOWER, Elizabeth29 1822West LulworthDorset372
BOWER, Hezekiah White28 1823WortheDorset371
BOWER, William White7m1851West LulworthDorset374
BUTCHER, Thomas48 1803West LulworthDorset52
BUTCHER, William85 1766West LulworthDorset51
CADEY, Sarah65 1786WykeDorset273
CHAFFEY, Elizabeth28 1823TynehamDorset182
CHAFFEY, John1849West LulworthDorset183
CHAFFEY, Joseph27 1824BurtonDorset181
CHAFFEY, Sarah64 1787West LulworthDorset86
CHAPMAN, Anna651786Somersetshire 71
CHAPMAN, Thomas A751776Dorsetshire 70
CHARLES, Elizabeth50 1801WinfrithDorset59
CHARLES, Elizabeth1846TynehamDorset81
CHARLES, Fanny55 1796West LulworthDorset155
CHARLES, George16 1835West LulworthDorset156
CHARLES, Henry27 1824WeymouthDorset240
CHARLES, Mary26 1825West LulworthDorset241
CHARLES, Maryann33 1818WarehamDorset80
CHARLES, Richard54 1797West LulworthDorset79
CHARLES, Richard John1850West LulworthDorset83
CHARLES, Sarah Jane1848HolworthDorset82
CHARLES, Thomas63 1788West LulworthDorset154
CHARLES, William29 1822West LulworthDorset60
CHARLES, William13 1838West Lulworth Dorset157
CHURCHOUSE, Elizabeth34 1817MordenDorset258
CLARK, Robert22 1829AfpuddleDorset85
COFFEN, Sarah55 1796SwanageDorset16
COKER, Jane18 1833WinfrithDorset197
COMPTON, Henry35 1816ElsonHampshire 33
COMPTON, Maria21 1830FrimlyHampshire 34
COSE, Alonzoa12 1839ExmouthDevon 137
CRISPIN, Albertine Sarah Bastfield1846WeymouthDorset41
CRISPIN, Elizabeth52 1799North YarmouthNorfolk 36
CRISPIN, Jane36 1815West LulworthDorset38
CRISPIN, Mary Ann50 1801North YarmouthNorfolk 37
CRISPIN, Sarah37 181439
CRISPIN, Victoria Caroline Bastfield1846WeymouthDorset40
CURTIS, Elizabeth1850West LulworthDorset92
CURTIS, Grace1844ChristchurchHants 91
CURTIS, Luis15 1836LyddKent 89
CURTIS, Mary37 1814Fandulph [Falmouth?]Cornwall 88
CURTIS, Mary12 1839YarmouthIsle of Wight90
CURTIS, William47 1804TullenCornwall 87
DAKINS, George25 1826LangthaeHants 144
DAKINS, Mary Ann24 1827SheernessKent 145
DAVIS, Anna Maria1849West LulworthDorset121
DAVIS, Edwin10 1841CoombeDorset261
DAVIS, Elizabeth35 1816CaryonCornwall 117
DAVIS, Elizabeth10 1841LymingtonHampshire 119
DAVIS, Elizabeth Ann4m1850West LulworthDorset265
DAVIS, Francis1849West LulworthDorset264
DAVIS, Francis Matthews31 1820PiddletrenthideDorset259
DAVIS, John36 1815BridportDorset116
DAVIS, John1843ChaldonDorset118
DAVIS, Joseph H1846West LulworthDorset120
DAVIS, Mary1842CoombeDorset263
DAVIS, Mary Ann34 1817HighwoodDorset260
DAVIS, Sarah Emma1846CoombeDorset262
DOREY, Ann58 1793West LulworthDorset24
DOREY, Edward48 1803West LulworthDorset274
DOREY, Ellen17 1834West LulworthDorset277
DOREY, Harriot1842West LulworthDorset31
DOREY, Henry16 1835West LulworthDorset94
DOREY, James20 1831West LulworthDorset276
DOREY, John80 1771West LulworthDorset25
DOREY, Joseph47 1804West LulworthDorset27
DOREY, Joseph33 1818West LulworthDorset4
DOREY, Joseph1845West LulworthDorset32
DOREY, Louisa21 1830West LulworthDorset275
DOREY, Louisa13 1838West LulworthDorset30
DOREY, Maria47 1804WortheDorset28
DOREY, Mary82 1769WinfrithDorset26
DOREY, Mary Ann16 1835West LulworthDorset29
DOREY, Rachel71 1780West LulworthDorset35
DOREY, William13 1838West LulworthDorset278
DORY, Ann18 1833West LulworthDorset250
DORY, Charles11m1850West LulworthDorset239
DORY, Edward72 1779West LulworthDorset159
DORY, Elizabeth40 1811LoaderDorset160
DORY, Elizabeth261825West LulworthDorset246
DORY, Francis301821West LulworthDorset244
DORY, Francis17 1834West LulworthDorset252
DORY, George30 1821West LulworthDorset254
DORY, Henry29 1822West LulworthDorset236
DORY, Henry1845West LulworthDorset238
DORY, Isaac13 1838West LulworthDorset253
DORY, James24 1827West LulworthDorset247
DORY, James George1849West LulworthDorset256
DORY, Jane57 1794West LulworthDorset243
DORY, Mary20 1831West LulworthDorset249
DORY, Samuel64 1787West LulworthDorset251
DORY, Sarah38 1813West LulworthDorset255
DORY, Sarah31 1820West LulworthDorset237
DORY, Thomas23 1828West LulworthDorset248
DORY, William66 1785West LulworthDorset242
DORY, William281823West LulworthDorset245
DUGDALE, Elizabeth30 1821WarehamDorset230
EDWARDS, Eliza18 1833East LulworthDorset42
ELLIS, George40 1811Wiltshire315
ERLEBECK, Adolphus69 1782British SubjectGermany300
ERLEBECK, Mary721779White ChopelMiddlesex 301
ERLEBECK, Mary Ann33 1818ShoreditchMiddlesex 302
FURMIDGE, John10 1841West LulworthDorset48
FURMIDGE, Maryann45 1806Coombe KeynesDorset46
FURMIDGE, Richard54 1797West LulworthDorset45
FURMIDGE, Richard11 1840WinfrithDorset47
FURMIDGE, Sarah1847West LulworthDorset49
FURMIDGE, William1850West LulworthDorset50
HAINE, Mary Jane13 1838West LulworthDorset233
HAINE, Rebecca39 1812West LulworthDorset232
HAINE, Thos45 1806East LulworthDorset231
HAINE, William Thos1847West LulworthDorset234
HANNAY, John22 1829ChaldonDorset171
HARVELL, Ann27 1824CoombieDorset201
HARVELL, Ann27 1824West LulworthDorset282
HARVELL, Edward25 1826West LulworthDorset219
HARVELL, Elizabeth24 1827West LulworthDorset189
HARVELL, George87 1764?Dorset383
HARVELL, George1848West LulworthDorset190
HARVELL, George Dory1845West LulworthDorset203
HARVELL, Henry16 1835West LulworthDorset281
HARVELL, James79 1772West LulworthDorset370
HARVELL, James32 1819West LulworthDorset200
HARVELL, John33 1818West LulworthDorset188
HARVELL, Mary67 1784West LulworthDorset382
HARVELL, Mary57 1794West LulworthDorset279
HARVELL, Mary13 1838West LulworthDorset283
HARVELL, Mary E8m1850West LulworthDorset204
HARVELL, Sarah Jane1843West LulworthDorset202
HARVELL, Thomas21 1830West LulworthDorset280
HARVELL, Thomas1850West LulworthDorset191
HAVEN, William James32 1819BromptonKent 115
HILTON, John64 1787LeighLancashire 73
HILTON, Maryann47 1804ChathamKent 74
HONEYBUN, Sarah14 1837Dorsetshire 72
HUNT, Mary67 1784East LulworthDorset380
HURST, Charles20 1831MoretonDorset170
HURST, George22 1829MoretonDorset169
HUSS, Thomas16 1835MoretonDorset172
JEATT, Arthur10m1851West LulworthDorset114
JEATT, Helon1848West LulworthDorset113
JEATT, Jane35 1816West LulworthDorset110
JEATT, Richard Brooking1846West LulworthDorset112
JEATT, William Rule1844West LulworthDorset111
JORDAN, Elizabeth1848West LulworthDorset140
JORDAN, Ellen1845BeareDevon 138
JORDAN, James1847West LulworthDorset139
JORDAN, John42 1809DublinIreland 135
JORDAN, John1850West LulworthDorset 141
JORDAN, Mary Joan36 1815BeareDevon 136
LAMPARD, John59 1792West LulworthDorset224
LAMPARD, Mary59 1792West LulworthDorset225
LANGRISH, Charles45 1806West LulworthDorset345
LANGRISH, Charles10 1841West LulworthDorset348
LANGRISH, Eliza36 1815West LulworthDorset102
LANGRISH, Elizabeth45 1806WinfrithDorset346
LANGRISH, Emily7m1851West LulworthDorset351
LANGRISH, Keziah1850West LulworthDorset350
LANGRISH, Louisa1843West LulworthDorset349
LANGRISH, May17 1834West LulworthDorset347
LANGRISH, Sarah16 1835West LulworthDorset15
LOPTIN, John11 1840BeareDevon 143
MEADEN, Amelia22 1829West LulworthDorset298
MEADEN, Ann28 1823West LulworthDorset296
MEADEN, Ann1843West LulworthDorset306
MEADEN, Augustine1848West LulworthDorset308
MEADEN, Charles61 1790West LulworthDorset207
MEADEN, Charles181833West LulworthDorset299
MEADEN, Edward1850West LulworthDorset309
MEADEN, Elizabeth31 1820BurtonDorset304
MEADEN, Jane25 1826West LulworthDorset297
MEADEN, John60 1791West LulworthDorset295
MEADEN, Mary1842West LulworthDorset305
MEADEN, William31 1820West LulworthDorset303
MEADEN, William1845West LulworthDorset307
MEADON, Ann1845West LulworthDorset108
MEADON, George1842West LulworthDorset107
MEADON, Jane34 1817Rush Bottom, WarehamDorset104
MEADON, John34 1817West LulworthDorset103
MEADON, John12 1839West LulworthDorset105
MEADON, Joseph1849West Lulworth Dorset109
MEADON, Mary10 1841West LulworthDorset106
MILLER, Ann25 1826West LulworthDorset57
MILLER, Frederick Charles1850West Lulworth Dorset58
MILLER, Joseph26 1825WorbarrowDorset56
MONTGOMERY, Catherine1843SeafordSussex 130
MONTGOMERY, Elizabeth63 1788Berwick upon Tweed134
MONTGOMERY, Jane36 1815DevonportDevon 128
MONTGOMERY, John49 1802HartsfordNova Scotia127
MONTGOMERY, John H1847SeafordSussex 132
MONTGOMERY, Maria1845SeafordSussex 131
MONTGOMERY, Mary June10 1841SeafordSussex 129
MONTGOMERY, William Henry1849SeafordSussex 133
MULLETT, Amelia19 1832West LulworthDorset187
MULLETT, Charles67 1784FordingtonDorset184
MULLETT, Hannah55 1796West LulworthDorset185
MULLETT, Treasa12 1839West LulworthDorset186
MURRY, Elizabeth8m1850West LulworthDorset177
MURRY, Fanny1845West LulworthDorset175
MURRY, Martha34 1817WinfrithDorset174
MURRY, Martha1849West LulworthDorset176
MURRY, William32 1819West LulworthDorset173
PAIN, Albert10 1841West LulworthDorset211
PAIN, George46 1805WinfrithDorset208
PAIN, George1843West LulworthDorset212
PAIN, Isabella41 1810West LulworthDorset209
PAIN, John13 1838West LulworthDorset210
PAIN, Mary Jane1850West LulworthDorset215
PAIN, Selinah1847West LulworthDorset214
PAIN, William1845West LulworthDorset213
RAINS, James81 1770PlymouthDevon 97
RAINS, Matilda Sophia1847LiverpoolLancashire 101
RAINS, Radigan Tewxbury63 1788West LulworthDorset98
RAINS, William Heny30 1821ChickrelDorset99
RALLS, Eliza Ann10 1841West LulworthDorset354
RALLS, Elizabeth35 1816West LulworthDorset353
RALLS, George36 1815West LulworthDorset322
RALLS, George Thomas1850West LulworthDorset357
RALLS, John34 1817West LulworthDorset352
RALLS, Martha37 1814HighwoodDorset323
RALLS, Mary10 1841West LulworthDorset324
RALLS, Mary Ann1844West LulworthDorset356
RALLS, Richard12 1839West LulworthDorset325
RALLS, Sarah Butcher1843West LulworthDorset355
RALLS, William1843West Lulworth Dorset326
RANDALL, E Mary1843West LulworthDorset22
RANDALL, Edward34 1817West LulworthDorset19
RANDALL, Elizabeth71 1780ComptonSomerset 67
RANDALL, Eric Jas Rains1842West LulworthDorset100
RANDALL, Henry23 1828OwermoigneDorset195
RANDALL, Mary56 1795CortonSomerset 193
RANDALL, Mary17 1834WortheDorset196
RANDALL, R S33 1818West LulworthDorset20
RANDALL, R S10 1841West LulworthDorset21
RANDALL, William53 1798West LulworthDorset192
RANDALL, William29 1822West LulworthDorset194
RATFORD, Ebenezer55 1796FurnandoIreland 122
RATFORD, Elizabeth50 1801CorkIreland 123
RATFORD, Fanny131838DragoIreland 125
RATFORD, John111840DragoIreland 126
RATFORD, Mary161835KennyIreland 124
RICHARDS, Elizabeth73 1778CodfordWilts 64
RICHARDS, Elizabeth31 1820EgglestonDorset65
RICHARDS, Elizabeth15 1836LondonMiddlesex 66
RICHARDS, George16 1835AfflingtonDorset7
RICHARDS, Henry41 1810EggbastonDorset5
RICHARDS, Henry13 1838West LulworthDorset9
RICHARDS, Jane41 1810Sutton BinghamSomersetshire 6
RICHARDS, Jane15 1836AfflingtonDorset8
RICHARDS, John1845West LulworthDorset11
RICHARDS, William James11 1840West LulworthDorset10
ROBERTS, Ann17 1834WinfrithDorset75
RODBER, Ann51 1800PrestonSomerset 68
ROE, Ann Winzer20 1831West LulworthDorset268
ROE, Emma Winzer11 1840West LulworthDorset271
ROE, Jane13 1838West LulworthDorset270
ROE, Julitta1846West LulworthDorset272
ROE, Sarah41 1810West LulworthDorset267
ROE, Sarah17 1834West LulworthDorset269
ROE, Thomas42 1809Corfe CastleDorset266
RUNYARD, Ambrose35 1816East LulworthDorset384
RUNYARD, Ann Midway1842West LulworthDorset387
RUNYARD, Eliza1845West LulworthDorset389
RUNYARD, John11 1840West LulworthDorset386
RUNYARD, Keturah35 1816West LulworthDorset385
RUNYARD, May1843West LulworthDorset388
RUNYARD, Sarah Stad1847West LulworthDorset390
SAMWAYS, George14 1837West LulworthDorset206
SAMWAYS, Hanah48 1803West LulworthDorset205
SANSOM, Eliza1846West LulworthDorset331
SANSOM, Elizabeth38 1813West LulworthDorset328
SANSOM, George1848West Lulworth Dorset332
SANSOM, James1844West LulworthDorset330
SANSOM, John42 1809WoodsfordDorset327
SANSOM, Sarah1842West LulworthDorset329
SEARLEY, Caroline26 1825CameDorset179
SEARLEY, Joseph27 1824HighwoodDorset178
SEARLEY, Mary Ellen3m1851West LulworthDorset180
SERCOMBE, Catherine Emily1847West LulworthDorset152
SERCOMBE, Ellinor19 1832HackneyMiddlesex 148
SERCOMBE, Emily Ann11 1840HackneyMiddlesex 150
SERCOMBE, John56 1795ExeterDevon 146
SERCOMBE, Louisa Elizabeth17 1834HackneyMiddlesex 149
SERCOMBE, Mary Ann43 1808TauntonSomerset 147
SERCOMBE, Mary Sophie1846HackneyMiddlesex 151
SERCOMBE, Thomas1849West LulworthDorset153
SEYMOUR, Fanny64 1787ParkstoneDorset285
SEYMOUR, Mary231828West LulworthDorset286
SEYMOUR, Thomas82 1769East LulworthDorset284
SINNICK, Christian44 1807ChaldonDorset55
SINNICK, George77 1774West Lulworth Dorset235
SINNOCK, Elizabeth21 1830ChaldonDorset334
SINNOCK, Frances23 1828West LulworthDorset217
SINNOCK, George26 1825West LulworthDorset333
SINNOCK, John5m1850West LulworthDorset335
SINNOCK, Mary8m1850West LulworthDorset218
SINNOCK, William24 1827West LulworthDorset216
SNELLING, Caroline1848West LulworthDorset362
SNELLING, Edward21 1830West LulworthDorset228
SNELLING, James1850West LulworthDorset363
SNELLING, Mary29 1822West LulworthDorset361
SNELLING, Mary28 1823West LulworthDorset227
SNELLING, Robert37 1814West LulworthDorset360
SNELLING, William70 1781WinfrithDorset226
SQUIB, Ann1842West LulworthDorset396
SQUIB, Caroline1844West LulworthDorset397
SQUIB, Elizabeth1843West LulworthDorset321
SQUIB, Ellen14 1837West LulworthDorset395
SQUIB, George12 1839West Lulworth Dorset394
SQUIB, Jane50 1801KinmeridgeDorset317
SQUIB, Jane12 1839West LulworthDorset320
SQUIB, John69 1782Chaldon HerringDorset316
SQUIB, Josep ?18 1833PoxwellDorset319
SQUIB, Mary1846West LulworthDorset398
SQUIB, Mary Ann31 1820West LulworthDorset318
SQUIB, Richerd40 1811West LulworthDorset391
SQUIB, Robt16 1835West LulworthDorset393
SQUIB, Sarah8m1850West LulworthDorset400
SQUIB, Sophia39 1812West LulworthDorset392
SQUIB, Thomas8m1850West LulworthDorset399
TALBOT, Ann66 1785West LulworthDorset3
TALBOT, William29 1822BroadwayDorset2
TEUXBURY, Richard71 1780West LulworthDorset1
TOMS, Fanny Maria2w1851West LulworthDorset344
TOMS, George1843West LulworthDorset341
TOMS, Jane1848West LulworthDorset343
TOMS, John15 1836West LulworthDorset338
TOMS, Joseph10 1841West LulworthDorset340
TOMS, Mary36 1815WinfrithDorset337
TOMS, Mary12 1839West LulworthDorset339
TOMS, Sarah1846West LulworthDorset342
TOMS, William40 1811West LulworthDorset336
TOOP, Sarah61 1790West LulworthDorset54
TOOP, William72 1779WinfrithDorset53
TREVESS, Ann34 1817West LulworthDorset163
TREVESS, Charles38 1813StofordDorset162
TREVESS, Elizabeth1848West LulworthDorset167
TREVESS, Jane12 1839West LulworthDorset164
TREVESS, Mary1845FordingtonDorset166
TREVESS, Thomas1842West LulworthDorset165
TREVESS, William9m1851West LulworthDorset168
TRINKHOLE, Ann65 1786CoombeDorset292
TRINKHOLE, George281823West Lulworth Dorset294
TRINKHOLE, Henry291822West LulworthDorset293
TRINKHOLE, Sarah64 1787West LulworthDorset358
TRINKHOLE, Thomas79 1772West LulworthDorset291
VALENS, Ann26 1825West LulworthDorset77
VALENS, John27 1824West LulworthDorset76
VALENS, John Meaden4m1851West Lulworth Dorset78
VIE, Elizabeth20 1831West LulworthDorset63
VIE, Henry30 1821West LulworthDorset62
VIE, Mary54 1797West LulworthDorset61
VIE, Thomas90 1761West LulworthDorset161
WHEATON, Ann Davis48 1803West LulworthDorset44
WHITE, George47 1804Dorset158
WILLIAMS, Alias [Elias]21 1830West LulworthDorset289
WILLIAMS, Ann64 1787West LulworthDorset199
WILLIAMS, Edith56 1795West LulworthDorset288
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth30 1821West LulworthDorset365
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth26 1825West LulworthDorset69
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth19 1832KimmeridgeDorset23
WILLIAMS, Hannah28 1823KingstonDorset221
WILLIAMS, Hannah10 1841West LulworthDorset366
WILLIAMS, Hannah1845West LulworthDorset223
WILLIAMS, Harriot1847West LulworthDorset368
WILLIAMS, Jane1850West LulworthDorset369
WILLIAMS, John63 1788West LulworthDorset198
WILLIAMS, Mary Ann1844West LulworthDorset367
WILLIAMS, Philip53 1798West LulworthDorset287
WILLIAMS, Philip17 1834West LulworthDorset290
WILLIAMS, Robert27 1824West LulworthDorset222
WILLIAMS, Thomas60 1791KingstonDorset220
WILLIAMS, Thomas27 1824West LulworthDorset364
WINZAR, John17 1834West LulworthDorset95
WINZER, Harriet45 1806EgglestonDorset17
WINZER, Henry1845West LulworthDorset18
WINZER, Thomas74 1777SuttonDorset257
WOOD, Edward Vix25 1826Churston FerrersDevon 93
WOODROW, Catharine50 1801West LulworthDorset401

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