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An Adieu to Lulworth Cove

by William Rule Jeatt (former coastguard and Lulworth Cove resident)

Adieu then to sweet Lulworth Cove
My happiest moments were there
For those were the scenes that I love
And to them I would gladly repare

But I ne’er shall behold any more
The place where I lov’d so to roam
I must greet those repeals that are dear
To visit my friends and my home

I shall ever remember the day
When the sails of our Bark were unfurl’d
And she glided away from the Bay
Away from the noise of the World

The evening was calm & serene
Rude Boreas was lulled to repose
The Moon in her splendour was seen
As above the wide ocean she rose

We entered the Cove by her light
Few objects appeared to our view
All was hushed in the silence of night
Save the voices of  *____  ____  ____

*Lulw Coast G Station

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