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Charles Emanuel BAGG died 15 February 1928

BAGG Charles Emanuel of Sunnyside-villa West Lulworth Dorsetshire died 15 Febraury 1928. Administration Blandford 17 March (1928) to Eliza Amelia Cobb widow. Effects £456 16s 5d.

Samuel Smith BARNES died 13 November 1876

BARNES Samuel Smith. 28 February 1877. Administration of the effects of Samuel Smith Barnes late of West Lulworth in the County of Dorset Miller a Widower who died 13 November 1876 at West Lulworth was granted at the Principal Registry to Elizabeth Rebecca Anne Barnes of West Lulworth the Daughter and only Next of Kin.

William Collins BARNES died 5 October 1872

BARNES William Collins. 17 December 1872. The Will of William Collins Barnes late of West Lulworth in the County of Dorset Miller who died 5 October 1872 at West Lulworth was proved at Blandford by Samuel Smith Barnes of West Lulworth Grocer the Brother and Ann Davis Wheaton of West Lulworth Widow the Sister the Executors. Effects under £800.

Charles BUDDEN died 30 June 1911

BUDDEN Charles of Burngate Farm West Lulworth Dorsetshire farmer died 30 June 1911. Administration (with Will) Blandford 25 January (1918) to George Allen Budden farmer. Effects £1,190. Former grant August 1911.

George Alfred BUDDEN died 13 October 1892

BUDDEN George Alfred of Coombe Keynes Dorsetshire yeoman died 13 October 1892. Probate Blandford 23 November to Fanny Budden widow. Effects £4,453 13s.


Thomas CAVEEN died 11 January 1913

CAVEEN Thomas of The Cove Hotel West Lulworth Dorsetshire died 11 January 1913 at 22 George-street Hanover-square Middlesex. Administration London 3 February (1913) to Sarah Jane Caveen widow. Effects £3,510 9s 1d.

Joseph CHARLES died 20 August 1906

CHARLES Joseph of Grimstone Dorsetshire retired dairyman died 20 August 1906. Probate Blandford 13 September (1906) to Samuel George Riggs farmer. Effects £811 11s 2d.

Frances Ellen Elizabeth CLARIDGE died 4 October 1943

CLARIDGE Frances Ellen Elizabeth of the Hazard Hotel Lulworth Cove Lulworth Dorsetshire (wife of George Daniel Claridge) died 4 October 1943. Probate Winchester 29 Novenber (1943) to the said George Daniel Claridge retired auctioneer John Edward Wilson Claridge hotel proprietor and Robert Coulson Howie solicitor. Effects £17,953 6s 3d.


James DICKER died 15 June 1938

DICKER James of 139 Brookhill-street Stapleford Nottinghamshire died 15 June 1938. Probate Nottingham 1 July (1938) to Harriett Dicker widow. Effects £737 11s 7d.


Sarah Caroline GILDEA died 22 November 1924

GILDEA Sarah Caroline of Innellan Rodwell Weymouth Dorsetshire (wife of the reverend William Gildea clerk) died  22 November 1924. Probate Blandford 17 February 1925 to Arthur Franklin Guillemard gentleman and the reverend Francis Earle Trotman clerk. Effects £3,666 16s 11d.

Reverend Canon William GILDEA died 11 December 1925

GILDEA the reverend canon William of Innellan Rodwell Dorsetshire clerk died 11 December 1925. Probate Blandford 19 March (1926) to Arthur Franklin Guillemard gentleman and the reverend Francis Earle Trotman clerk. Effects £4,518 5s 11d.


Alfred John HAIME died 18 July 1953

HAIME Alfred John of 51 West Lulworth near Wareham Dorset died 18 July 1953 at Weymouth and District Hospital Weymouth Dorset. Probate Winchester 22 September (1953) to Minnie Louisa Downing (wife of Frank Downing). Effects £769 4s 9d.

Amy Ellen HARDY (formerly Richards nee Thompson) died 22 April 1952

HARDY Amy Ellen of The Forge Bungalow West Lulworth Dorsetshire widow died 22 April 1952 at Damer House Dorchester Dorsetshire. Probate London 16 June (1952) to George Herbert Thompson retired builder. Effects £164 13s 8d.

Ernest Philip John HARVELL died 9 May 1948

HARVELL Ernest Philip John of Holme Dene Studland Dorsetshire died 9 May 1948. Probate Winchester 26 June (1948) to Percy Victor Harvell retired hotel proprietor and Reginald Harvell hotel proprietor. Effects £15,810 9s 9d.

Frances Edward HARVELL died 12 March 1934

HARVELL Francis Edward of Uplands Chew Hill Chew Magna Somersetshire died 12 March 1934. Administration Bristol 12 April to Evelyn Elizabeth Chidgey (wife of Arthur James Chidgey). Effects £706 9s 1d.

Frederick George HARVELL died 16 March 1915

HARVELL Frederick George of West Lulworth Dorsetshire licensed victualler died 16 March 1915. Administration Blandford 21 April (1915) to Phoebe Sophie Harvell widow. Effects £863 5s 9d.

Jane Esther HARVELL (nee Charles) died 31 August 1893

HARVELL Jane Esther of Trinity Cottage Dorchester (wife of Thomas Edward Harvell) died 31 August 1893. Administration Blandford 20 October (1893) to the said Thomas Edward Harvell gamekeeper. Effects £105 13s 7d.

Phoebe Sophia HARVELL (nee Sinnick) died 12 July 1935

HARVELL Phoebe Sophia of Redhill West Lulworth Dorsetshire widow died 12 July 1935 at the Cornelia Hospital Poole, Administration Blandford 27 August (1935) to Margaret Phoebe Shutler (wife of Leslie Henry Shutler). Effects £1,646 17s 2d.


Selina Arabella KIDD (nee Read) died 19 March 1932

KIDD Selina Arabella of 18 Portman-street Whalley Range Manchester widow died 19 March 1932. Administration (with will) Liverpool 28 October (1932) to Dudleigh Leighton Read manufacturer’s agent. Effects £57 3s 3d.


Obadiah LEGG died 14 October 1912

LEGG Obadiah of Holworth Farm Owermoigne Dorsetshire farmer died 14 October 1912. Probate Blandford 13 November (1912) to Edward Barnaby Duke auctioneer and valuer and Thomas Alfred Pearce chartered accountant. Effects £3,367 12s 2d.


Eliza Matilda Maria Anna MEAD died 4 May 1888

MEAD Eliza Matilda Maria Anna. The Will of Eliza Matilda Maria Anna Mead late of West Lulworth in the County of Dorset Widow who died 4 May 1888 at East lulworth in the said County was proved at Blandford by Bernard Walter John Kendall of East Lulworth Gentleman one of the Executors. Personal Estate £1,971 9s 4d.

Bertram Charles MEADEN died 31 January 1962

MEADEN Bertram Charles of 46 Vine Cottage West Lulworth Wareham Dorset died 31 January 1962 at The Dorset County Hospital Dorchester. Administration Winchester 23 May (1962) to Vera Alice Meaden widow. Effects £397 5s 6d.

Matilda MEADEN (nee Marsano) died 16 June 1934

MEADEN Matilda of Vine Cottage West Lulworth Dorsetshire widow died 16 June 1934. Administration Blandford 19 October (1934) to Bertram Charles Meaden smallholder. Effects £118

Thomas Clement MEADEN died 23 January 1931

MEADEN Thomas Clement  of Vine Cottage West Lulworth Dorsetshire died 23 January 1931. Administration Blandford 24 February (1931) to Matilda Meaden widow. Effects £298 11s 5d.

Levi Charles MILLER died 28 April 1937

MILLER Levi Charles of West Lulworth Dorsetshire died 28 April 1937 at East Chaldon near Dorchester Dorsetshire. Probate London 29 July (1937) to Harry Miller fisherman and Walter Miller carpenter. Effects £2,980 6s. Resworn £3,380 6s.

Martha Louisa MILLER (nee Sherwood) died 18 November 1930

MILLER Martha Louisa of Sunnyside West Lulworth Dorsetshire (wife of Levi Charles Miller) died 18 November 1930 at Herrison Hospital Dorchester Dorsetshire. Administration London 10 January (1931) to the said Levi Charles Miller fisherman. Effects £151 14s. 4d.


Florence Mary O’HARE (nee Hunt) died 21 March 1959

O’HARE Florence Mary of 82 Darbys Lane Oakdale Poole widow died 21 March 1959. Administration Winchester 8 July (1959) to Michael James O’Hare carpenter and joiner and Kathleen Teresa Marie O’Hare spinster. Effects £903 15s 8d.

Hugh Guy O’HARE died 11 November 1952

O’HARE Hugh Guy of 82 Darbys-Lane Oakdale Poole died 11 November 1952 at High-Street Poole. Administration Winchester 12 Jan (1953) to Florence Mary ‘OHare widow. Effects £1,069 18s.

Patrick O’HARE died 30 August 1926

O’HARE Patrick of 1 Hillside-villas West Lulworth Dorsetshire died 30 August 1926. Probate Blandford 4 November (1926) to Elizabeth Florence O’Hare widow. Effects £422.


Commander James RAINS R.N. died 18 September 1857

RAINS James. 17 April 1858. The Will with a Codicil of James Rains late of West Lulworth in the County of Dorset a Commander R.N. deceased who died 18 September 1857 at West Lulworth aforesaid was proved at Blandford by the oaths of Radigan Tewkesbury Rains of West Lulworth aforesaid Widow the Relict James Rains of 42 Norton Street Islington Liverpool in the County of Lancaster Gentleman the Son and George Richard Read of Weymouth in the said County of Dorset Jeweller three of the Executors. Effects under £450.

Radigan Tewkesbury RAINS (nee Williams) died 21 September 1866

RAINS Radigan Tewkesbury. 5 December 1866. The Will of Radigan Tewkesbury Rains late of West Lulworth in the County of Dorset Widow deceased who died 21 September 1866 at West Lulworth aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry by the oath of George Richard Read of 55 St. Mary-street Weymouth in the County of Dorset Jeweller the sole Executor. Effects under £300.

Ellen Mabel RALLS (nee Miller) died 24 June 1960

RALLS Ellen Mabel of 13 Kitchener Road Dagenham Essex widow died 24 June 1960. Administration London 26 September (1960) to Horace Victor Ralls factory manager. Effects £355 9s 7d.

Amelia Sophia RANDALL (nee Read) died 2 August 1938

RANDALL Amelia Sophia of West Lulworth Dorsetshire widow died 2 August 1938 Administration (with Will) Blandford 10 November (1938) to Sophia Arabella Iremonger (wife of Guy Thornhill Iremonger). Effects £253 4s.

Edward RANDALL died 29 January 1872

RANDALL Edward. 19 April 1883. Administration of the Personal Estate of Edward Randall late of West Lulworth in the County of Dorset Farmer who died 29 January 1872 at West Lulworth left unadministered by Radigan Selina Randall Widow the Relict was granted at the Principal Registry to Edward James Rains Randall of West Lulworth Grocer the son and one of the Next of Kin. Former Grant at Blandford April 1872. Personal Estate £109 9s. 4d.

Edward James RANDALL died 20 September 1935

RANDALL Edward James of 2 Glenroy West Lulworth Dorsetshire died 20 September 1935 at the Public Assistance Institution Wareham Dorsetshire. Probate Blandford 29 October (1935) to Sophia Arabella Iremonger (wife of Guy Thornhill Iremonger) and Archibald Hollis Randall motor fitter. Effects £1,728 2s 7d

Fawconer Edward RANDALL died 19 May 1951

RANDALL Fawconer Edward of 27 Manor-road Bournemouth died 19 May 1951 at the Royal Victoria Hospital Boscombe Bournemouth. Probate Winchester 26 June (1951) to Fawconer Edward Randall (the younger) and Paul Dominic Randall bank officials. Effects £7,188 15s 6d.

Matthew RANDALL died 16 March 1886

RANDALL Matthew. 12 June 1886. Administration of the Personal Estate of Matthew Randall late of West Lulworth in the County of Dorset Farm Bailiff a Bachelor who died 16 March 1886 at West Lulworth was granted at Blandford to Thomas Randall of Wareham in the said County Chemist the son of William Randall the Father and Next of Kin. Personal estate £560 19s 7d.

George Derham REEKS died 1 April 1938

REEKS George Derham of 31 Mill-lane Wareham Dorsetshire died 1 April 1938. Probate London 17 June (1938) to Reginald Robert Case retired bank manager. Effects £547 8s 11d.

George RICHARDS died 1 August 1903

RICHARDS George of Wimborne Minster retired hotel-keeper dies 1 August 1903. Probate Blandford 27 October (1903) to Mary Richards widow and Ingram Richards hotel-keeper. Effects £3,131 2s 8d.

Mary RICHARDS (nee Ingram) died 3 June 1915

RICHARDS Mary of Wimborne Minster Dorsetshire widow died 3 June 1915. Probate Blandford 28 June (1915) to Ingram Richards hotel proprietor. Effects £154 1s 4d.


Emma Wheller SHUTLER (nee Coggan) died 13 May 1942

SHUTLER Emma Wheller of West Lulworth Dorsetshire widow Dorsetshire died 13 May 1942. Probate Winchester 31 August (1942) to Westminster Bank Limited. Effects £5,381 8s.

Richard SHUTLER died 25 May 1937

SHUTLER Richard of West Lulworth Dorsetshire died 25 May 1937 at West Lulworth Farm Lulworth Dorsetshire. Probate London 13 July to Emma Weller Shutler widow. Effects £2,862 13s 6d.

George Henry SINNICK died 1 November 1909

SINNICK George Henry of West Lulworth Dorsetshire inn keeper died 1 November 1909 Administration (with Will) Blandford 1 December (1909) to Phoebe Sinnick widow. Effects £184 2s 6d.

Edward Joseph SNELLING died 29 January 1898

SNELLING Edward Joseph of the “Black Dog” Broadmayne Dorsetshire licensed-victualler died 29 Janaury 1898. Administration Blandford 19 March (1898) to Sarah Snelling widow. Effects £20.


Eliza Matilda THOMPSON died 20 October 1950

THOMPSON Eliza Matilda of Ivy Cottage West Lulworth Dorsetshire spinster died 20 October 1950. Administration Winchester 18 Septenber (1951) to George Herbert Thompson retired carpenter. Effects £224 15s 9d.

Fanny TUCKER died 9 December 1927

TUCKER Fanny of 6 York-buildings Weymouth Dorsetshire spinster died 9 December 1927. Probate Blandford 11 February (1928) to Rosa Beatrice Hull spinster and Ralph Neville Jones solicitor and notary public. Effects £4,654 12s 4d.

William TUCKER died 3 March 1917

TUCKER William of St. Andrew’s Farm West Lulworth Dorsetshire farmer died 3 March 1917. Administration Blandford 10 July (1917) to Anne Hull widow. Effects £9,789 13s 11d.


Arthur James WILLIAMS died 2 November 1934

WILLIAMS Arthur James of Woodleigh Sunnyside West Lulworth Dorsetshire died 2 November 1934. Probate London 22 November (1934) to Mary Kathleen Williams widow. Effects £354 10s.

James William WILLIAMS died 25 January 1915

WILLIAMS James William of Cove Cottage West Lulworth Dorsetshire fisherman died 25 January 1915. Administration Blandford 19 March (1915) to Mary Ann Williams widow. Effects £157.

Priscilla WILLIAMS (nee Collins) died 18 January 1917

WILLIAMS Priscilla of West Lulworth Dorsetshire widow died 18 January 1917. Administration Blandford 12 February (1917) to Freda Williams spinster. Effects £87 3s 1d.

John WINZAR died 24 February 1866

WINZAR John 20 April 1866. The Will of John Winzar late of Kingsmead-terrace in the City of Bath Gentleman deceased who died 24 February 1866 at Kingsmead-terrace aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry by the oaths of Charles Hartley Pryor of Bath aforesaid House Decorator and Painter John Hales of the ‘Rising Sun’ Inn Grove-street Bath aforesaid Innkeeper and Emma Winzar of 13 Kingsmead-terrace aforesaid Widow the Relict the Executors. Effects under £9,000

Mary Anne Frances WORDSWORTH (nee Williams) died 2 September 1938

WORDSWORTH Mary Anne Frances of Netton House Bishopstone Wiltshire and Bishops Cottage West Lulworth Dorsetshire widow died 2 September 1938 at West Lulworth. Probate Winchester 8 November (1938) to John Theodore Wordsworth stockbroker Christopher Robert Wordsworth farmer and Andrew Sigfried Wordsworth schoolmaster. Effects £18,712 9s 1d.

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