Old Mill

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Old Mill Lulworth Cove in right foreground

The Old Mill was situated at the south-eastern end of the Mill Pond.

It fell into disrepair and was demolished before 1900.

The Pumping Station and public toilets now occupy the site.

Location of Old Mill

The old Mill was a picturesque building, long and low, with steep thatched roof, and its verandah facing the sea, wreathed in autumn with the crimson of the Virginia Creeper, its garden sloping towards the Cove – a tangled mass of hoary gooseberry bushes and hardy flowers, looked very beautiful, but it too was built of mud, and fell into decay.

Misses J & P Loader, Tales of Lulworth in Olden Days 1932

There was an earlier mill on the site. It burned down on 24 June 1841 according to East Lulworth shoemaker and diarist Henry Rolls.

William Collins Barnes (1805-1872) was Miller there from 6 June 1841 or before until his death. William was single.

In 1870 William lived in a house near the Mill, most likely Mill Pond Cottage.

William also employed Robert Galley Williams (1833-1896) as a Miller. Two decades later, Robert was a labourer in a woollen factory at Kendal, Westmorland.

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