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The Armoured Fighting Vehicle School of Gunnery was established at Lulworth Camp on 2 February 1918. The Centre has trained members of all three armed Services. The primary focus is on the Army, with soldiers from the Royal Armoured Corps, the Royal Artillery, the Royal Engineers and the Infantry undertaking individual training on the full range of armoured fighting vehicles, but armoured vehicle training for the Royal Marines takes place there as well.

However, the military association with Lulworth began much earlier as the photograph below shows.

Lulworth Camp includes housing at The Oval (numbered 1 to 46), accessed only through the main camp entrance, and Vale Road (odds 1-15 and evens 2-20) and Bindon Close (odds 1-15 and evens 2-10), accessed from the B3070.

Blocks (east to west) include Warbarrow House joined to Arish Mell House, White House, Merlin Court and Havrincourt Court.

Aerial view of Lulworth Camp
Entrance to Officers’ Mess.
Photograph courtesy of Emerald Painters

Past Events:

Jul 1911 Fire at Lulworth Camp – Officers’ Mess Quarters Destroyed
The officers’ mess quarters of the 6th Territorial Battalion Hampshire Regiment, encamped at Lulworth, were completely destroyed by fire early on Wednesday morning. The outbreak occurred in an ante room and spread rapidly. The fire alarm was sounded, and the whole of the brigade turned out and worked to prevent the fire spreading to other tents, but the well-equipped reception room and dining quarters were destroyed.1

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