Knights Mead Animal Sanctuary


Breakfast time for Ana, Elsa and Olaf 

Knights Mead Animal Sanctuary is located on School Lane, West Lulworth.

It is a forever home for sheep, hens, ducks, pigs plus a few domestic animals.

It is a small sanctuary, founded on 11 November 2017, run by one person with the help of a handful of wonderful volunteers.


Our mission is to support and help wherever possible all living things. 

We try to provide animals in our care with a forever home at the sanctuary as this gives them stability as moving homes can be very stressful.

However, during our hen saves we do offer a hen re-homing service as this allows us to save more hens.

All of our animals are allowed to live out their lives with the company of others.

We believe that it is never right to end the life of an animal if the individual wants to live and that euthanasia is only acceptable when it is done in the best interest of the animal.

We believe that saving one life may not change the world but surely for that one life, the world will change forever.

Knights Mead Animal Sanctuary

Latest Updates

8 May 2021: Thank you everyone for your hard work digging out the pig shelter and re building it today…as well as all the other DIY jobs over the last few weeks!! You are all amazing!


The sanctuary always welcome those who wish to feed the animals (and they have many lovely helpers that do this). However to ensure what they are fed is safe for them and so they don’t get over fed the sanctuary requires this to be pre-agreed.

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