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Holy Trinity Church is located on Church Road, West Lulworth close to its junction with West Road.

Benefice and Clergy

Holy Trinity, West Lulworth is one of seven churches within the new West Purbeck Benefice.

The other six churches are:

  • Holy Rood, Wool
  • St John the Baptist, Bere Regis
  • St Laurence, Affpuddle
  • St Andrew, East Lulworth
  • St Christopher, Winfrith Newburgh
  • St Nicholas, Chaldon Herring

Sadly the first Rector of the new West Purbeck Benefice, Revd. Carol Langford, died shortly after Easter and a new appointment will be made in due course.

In the meantime Associate Priests Revd. Sandra Williams (below left) and Revd. Jenny Alidina (below right) are covering the seven churches of the Benefice with the help of a number of Licensed Lay Ministers.

If you wish to make contact with a member of the Clergy Team, please contact Holy Trinity Churchwarden Paul Simpson in the first instance.


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Parish News

The Parish News magazine for the Lulworths, Winfrith and Chaldon is currently published monthly.

Parish News – May 2021

Past Vicars, Rectors and Priests-in-Charge

Vicar18621879Revd. William GILDEA (1833-1925)
Vicar18791887Revd. Gerard WILLIAMS (1848-1920)
Vicar18871914Revd. William Percy SCHUSTER (1850-1914)
Vicar19151917Revd. George John Shirreff BOWYEAR (1851-1923)
Vicar19181923Revd. Arthur Herbert POWELL (1856-1928)
Vicar19241932Revd. Cyril Dion JOB (1886-1973)
Vicar19331939Revd. Christopher Campbell SHARPE (1870-1947)
Vicar19391944Revd. Benjamin BODYCOMBE (1882-1944)
Vicar19441946Revd. Bernard Nathaniel Nicholas WOODWARD (1882-1961)
Vicar19471955Revd. Cuthbert Henry CHAMBERS (1882-1967)
Vicar19561974Revd. John STONE (1903-1974)
Vicar19751978Revd. John Henry Lawrence PHILLIPS (1910-1985)
Rector19791982Revd. Edward FARROW
Rector19831989Revd. Robert Coverdale MOORSOM (1923-2002)
Rector19891993Revd. Stanley GILL
Rector19941999Revd. William Arthur ROGERS
Rector20002007Revd. Robert James (Bob) NAYLOR (1942-2017)
Priest-in-Charge20082010Revd. David BALDWIN
Priest-in-Charge20122016Revd. Nicola COLEMAN
Priest-in-Charge20162020Revd. Robert James MARSDEN

Rector = Rector of the combined parishes of the Lulworths, Winfrith Newburgh and Chaldon

Priest-in-Charge = Priest-in-Charge of the combined parishes of the Lulworths, Winfrith Newburgh and Chaldon

Former Rector Revd. David Baldwin is now Team Rector in the Beaminster Area Team Ministry. While he was Priest-in-Charge of the Lulworths, Winfrith Newburgh and Chaldon, he was featured in the January 2010 issue of Dorset Life under the title ‘A day in the life of a country rector’.

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