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The index below, kindly prepared by Mike Halsall, shows the names he has recorded from the gravestones that remain in the old churchyard.

The ‘Ref’ column shows the reference number Mike has allocated and, if you refer to the layout plan, you can see the approximate position of the gravestone.

Mike has recorded fuller Inscriptions on some graves where these remain legible.

RefNoSurnameGiven name(s)DayYearAgeComment
4081AM1874Faces west
3081AmeryMaryJun 24187471
6321AndrewsSarahFeb 21184548
6322AndrewsEdithBottom of stone buried
2201BS1835Yew tree + pile of stones
9251BR1826Slab grave + moved stone
3181BallrickEdward1707?No age inscribed
3182BallrickMary1740No age inscribed
2121BarnesJohnApr 20182972
2122BarnesHenryFeb 21181190Brother of 212/1
2131BarnesElizabeth DavisApr 1185072Wife of William Barnes
2141BarnesAnneJan 22186848Wife of 306/1
2151BarnesSarahJan 15182270Wife of Henry Barnes
3061BarnesSamuel SmithNov 13187666
2161BarrettSarahJan 25183518Daughter of 216/3
7281BeatonSamuelOct 3183631Son John+Susanna Beaton
7282BeatonAnnSep 13186465Brother of 728/1
7291BeatonJohnJun 3184072
7292BeatonSusannaMay 3184777Wife of 729/1
7301BeatonRebeccaJul 18186572Daughter of 729/1+2
7302BeatonMariaApr 19186457Daughter of 729/1+2
2071BowerElizabeth WhiteJun 26189878Possibly Bowers, see 206
2061BowersCharles WhiteNov 16187428
2062BowersJosephSep 2418669Brother of 206/1
7272BrownRobertAug 28181552Lieutenant RN
4091CF ?186?Faces west
10271CG1862Facing west
9271ChildsGeorgeJun ?1862Coast Guard at W Lulworth
3091ChopeThomas2 pieces on 310
7351ClarkeMay 191886Prob legible
60311CleallErnest William23Wounds in France
8191CobbEavie(?)May 2018??Wife of Ambrose
8192CobbAmbroseDied in infancy, son of 819/1
6151CrispinWilliamFenced off – prob legible
4251DHMBHRLLB8 pairs of initials, no dates
6035DoreyFrederick George191444HMS Bulwark explosion
6191DoreyJaneMay 181851Poss legible, no age
6192DoreyWilliamMar 201860?Husband of 619/1, no age
6193DoreyFrances JaneJan 191862No age
9091DoreyFrances MApr ?1874?Stone erected by sister
60313DriverFrank Charles21Sallisbury Camp. See 804
8041DriverF T CharlesOct 26191821See 603/13
10051DudgeonRobert?Sep 11187729
3051EllisAnnApr 30187765Broken, lying on 310
1341ErlebachAdolphusAug 4186483Home missionary
1342ErlebachMaryMar 28186788Wife of 134/1
1343ErlebachMary AnnJun 19189678Daughter of 134/1+2
7061FisherAlfred ChalmersJul 22187622
8291FitzgeraldSarah MaryNov 17187673
8292FitzgeraldHenry JamesApr 1?1880?72?
7271FogdenHenryJan 25182640Lieutenant RN
4061FurmedgeRichardJun 22187844
8231GardnerElizabethMay 21189932
5101GuthrieElizabeth MaryOct 10187623Broken misplaced stone
60319HadowErland Godfrey42France
60310HaimeCharles William33Salonika
1032HardyElvena?Daughter of William
1031Hardy?Poss legible
2331HarvellRuthMay 2191063Wife of George Harvell
2341HarvellGeorge DoreyMar 21192782
8141HarvellJohnFeb 231891
8141HarvellElizabethFeb 6190780Wife of 814/1
8181HarvellThomasJun 24191384
8182HarvellAnne JaneMay 7192085Wife of 818/1
9151HarvellWilliam ThomasJan 27190748Died Sunday Jan 27 1907
9152HarvellMary AnnAug 24191959Wife of 915/1
9191HarvellJamesFeb 4185576
9192HarvellJamesJun 11185335Son of 919/1
9193HarvellAnnMar 7189875Wife of 919/2
6091HopkinsGeorge HenryApr 24188821Son of Frank+Louisa
6092HopkinsElizabeth AnnJan 191871010 months, daughter of F+L
1021Hoxxly?JohnProb illegible
10021KuchlerHenry F AMar 28187724
1051LambleElizaSep 27?18656Daughter of George Emmett
2211LampardEdwardDec 23?18??31
2231LampardJane?? 20182035Wife of 223/2
2232LampardJosephApr 18181171
7021LeggMaryNov 24191167
7022LeggObadiahOct 14191267Husband of 702/1
60321LonsdaleArthur Carr Glyn1915No age
2262MeadenElizabethJan 22?186139
7341MilneThomas ElmsMar 11185325?
6311RandallHenryJan 12185126Son William+Mary
7221RandallMaryNov 11861Wife of William
7222RandallMaryMay 161861Daughter of 722/1
7231RandallWilliamDec 20179365
7232RandallBridgetDec 8180476Wife of 723/1
7241RandallMatthewDec 23183763
7242RandallMatthewDied in infancy
7243RandallMaryDied in infancy
7244RandallElizabethMar 31187192Wife of 724/1
7251RandallMaryFeb 24181740Wife of Matthew
7252RandallMatthewMar 131802010 months, son of 725/1
7253RandallSarahDec 24180307 months, daughter of 725/1
7254RandallMaryFeb 81807119 months, daughter of 725/1
7255RandallJohnSep 151809114 months, son of 725/1
7261RandallWilliam CJan 20185919Son of Thomas & Elizabeth
7321RandallEdwardJun ?1865?Lichen covered,poss legible
7331RandallMatthewMar 16188663
8321RandallWilliamDec 27188689
8071RichardsAlice MaryMar 151872Daughter of ?+Mary
8072RichardsAnne(?) Mary1874Daughter of ?+Mary
1013RiggsClarissa VictoriaJul 20191877Daughter of 101/1+2
5261RoeElizabethDaughter Philip+Jane Roe
6261RoeGeorge?Poss legible
6262Roe20?Sister of ?
6271RoeJulitta ElizabethApr 8186620Daughter of Thomas & Sarah�
6263Roe?Nephew of ?
8311RoweSusanJul 2188169
1241SamwaysGeorge CharlesMar 3191678
1261SamwaysEdward CharlesMay 10190833
2251SamwaysMaryApr 30191574Wife of George Samways
4121SandsGeorgianaNov 41869No age inscribed
6031SchusterWilliam PercyNov 61914Husband of Maria Theresa
60320SchusterChristopher J C19
1081ScobleJamesJun 12184534
1071SearleWilliam GilesJun 27184948
8261SherwoodJohnMay 21189877
8262SherwoodAngiaMar 10188663Wife of 826/1
8271SherwoodWilliam JohnOct 4187922
8272SherwoodTom AlfredMar 201866114 months
60318SilvertopArthur EdwardHMS Defence, Jutland
7201SinnickPhebe1836Wife of 720/3
7202SinnickMary EdneyDied in infancy, dau of 720/1
8232SinnickWilliamMar 9186939Father of 823/1
2152SnellingElizaSep 6183827Daughter of 215/1
2162SnellingWilliamAug 29183621Son of 216/3
2163SnellingElizabethDec 6183749Mother of 216/1+2
2164SnellingUnnamed, died in infancy
9201SquibbRichardOct 8186454Stone erected by children
9202SquibbSophiaOct 29188775Wife of 920/1
3141StickleyFrancisFeb186908 months
1011TewkesburyFrancisFeb 24189689
1012TewkesburyVictoriaMar 25188572Wife of 101/1
2291ThompsonEmmaMay 19190867
6037ThompsonWalter E50HMS Suffolk
9061ThompsonEmmaNov 18190069Wife of George Thompson
3071TuckerSamuelDec 1189079St Andrews, b Jan 26 1811
3072TuckerElizaMay 2187257b Mar 3 1815, wife of 307/1
3331WJCJCW is full inscription
6211W??arThomasProb illegible
3341WhiteGeorgeFeb 5183479
3342WhiteAnn AmeliaApr 2183470Wife of 334/1
3343WhiteGeorgeOct 14184054Son of 334/1+2
3344WhiteJamesMar 12183019Son of 334/3
1271WilliamsJames WJan 25191556
1281WilliamsArthurApr 12191553
2081WilliamsCarolineMar 16187051
3041WilliamsWilliam HenryNov 13187822Broken, lying on 310
60317WilliamsFrank20Haslar (Gosport?)
9231WilliamsThomasJan 31189875
9232WilliamsElizabethNov 5189676Wife of 923/1
4311WillisJaneDec 271848?Daughter Henry+Virtue Vye
4312WillisHubertDec 22185568Husband of 431/1
9261WillisWilliam�Apr 14171478William Willis Gent
9262WillisElizabethMay 1176173Wife of 926/1
9263WillisJohnFeb 28180294Son of 926/1+2
9281WillisMaryNov 2178756Wife of John Willis
125Small & totally worn
202Small incomplete stones
203No visible inscriptions
3101Various stones on slab
328Long since broken
415Fossil bed! Illegible
506Yew Tree
509Slabs & broken stones
511Slabs & broken stones
513Yew Tree
6281Facing west, poss legible
703Base of stone only
705Base of stone only
713Slab & broken pieces
719Ivy-covered slab
721Poss legible
8081George?Very worn/broken
8281Slab grave,illegible

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